Hang Glide Chicago

Aerotow rating

Are you already a USHPA pilot looking to expand your skills into aerotowing? Hang Glide Chicago offers an Aerotow Rating Package to get you set to transition from the hills to the plane.  


The art and science of Thermalling

Thermalling 101 - This basic course is for H2 and higher pilots and covers thermalling theory, 1 hour tandem thermalling, and 1 hour solo thermalling with radios.

Thermalling X 2 - This intermediate course is for pilot's looking to continue to hone their skills.  It focuses on thermalling techniques and culminates in solo thermalling with your instructor leading you in the air.



Landing Clinic - Our landing clinic offers ground school, 4 tows 1,000' with video and critique after each landing. 

Parachute Clinic - Our parachute clinic is held in the spring and gives you the opportunity to hang, throw, and repack your chute.  

Aerobatics Clinic - Aerobatics can be fun and exciting, but should always be undertaken with caution.  Hang Glide Chicago brings in experienced aerobatics pilots to lead the way in this day long clinic.

XC soaring

Hang Glide Chicago wants you to be a successful and safe pilot.  Whether competing or not, common hang gliding tasks involve leaving the airport and heading out cross country.  In this course, you will learn about XC planning, thermalling, landing, and safety.  Ground school is in the morning and in the afternoon you fly the task of the day with your instructor. 



All Advanced Training has the follow required equipment:

  • Hang Glider
  • Harness
  • Helmet
  • Variometer and GPS
  • Primary and Secondary Releases
  • Other equipment as required by the instructor



All Flights subject to HGC Terms and Conditions.  Advanced training is available only for Pilots with an H2 or higher.  Pilots must present current USHPA card or QR Code before flying.  Courses for advanced training and new ratings must be scheduled with instructor.  Clinics are scheduled for specific dates throughout the season.  Please check the Enjoy Times or follow us on social media for up-to-date clinic and other event scheduling.