H2 Novice Package

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H2 Novice Package


Our H2 Novice Package includes everything you need from walking in off the street to solo. 

  • 8 High Tows 3,000' - Get the all the flying basics: turns, stalls, airspeed, dives, recovery, emergency procedures, towing techniques

  • 5 Low Tows 1,000' - Here you will focus on effective and safe take offs and landings

  • 6 Scooter Tows - You will gain experience in a solo glider and focus on control, use of a cart, and take off and landings

  • Ground School - Learn the theory behind the practice

  • Ground Handling - Learn the setup of a glider, safe and effective ground manipulation, and handling and control for foot launching

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The benefits of the Novice Package also include use all equipment during training and use of HGC's rental gliders for the remainder of the season you start your training.  In addition to the package price, students are required to purchase a textbook.  Students are required to come for training on consecutive weekends unless prior arrangements are made with instructors.  All students must be at the field and ready to learn by 7am.  The Novice Package is designed for you to successfully complete examinations up to an H2 Rating through USHPA.  Students are required to purchase USHPA membership and pay all ratings fees.  Not all students can gain the requisite knowledge to pass these exams within the lesson package.  Your instructor makes the determination on whether you are prepared for exams and for solo flight.  Additional lessons can be purchased individually or in a la carte packages below.  HGC terms and conditions apply.