Welcome to Hang Glide Chicago™!

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Frequently Asked Questions and Rules

How can I book my flight, become a student pilot of HGC, and find out pricing information?
Simply by calling (219) 746-1480 or sending us an e-mail to
What time of year are you open and what are your hours of operation?
Typically we're open every weekend from sunrise to sunset starting early May untill it gets too cold to fly.
What forms of payment do you accept?
All major credit cards, cash, money order, cashier's check as well as personal checks if you are enrolled as a club member or a student of Hang Glide Chicago.
What is required of me to bring for my flight?
We require a government issued ID. We recommend sunscreen, a pair of sunglasses, and some warm clothing since it may be cold at high altitude.
What happens if my flight is cancelled due to bad weather or I simply can't keep my appointment?
Your flight will be rescheduled at your convienience. Flights that have been prepaid and gift certificates issued by Hang Glide Chicago do not have an expiration date.
Are there any age, height, and weight restrictions?
There is no age restriction, but you must be at least 3.5' tall and weigh no more than 240 lbs. to fly a tandem hang glider.
What kind of ammenities and attractions does the facility have?
The facility has been designed to meet your every need and is complete with bathrooms, hot shower, kitchen, sleeping quarters, camping grounds, firepit, lake (swimming, kayaks, and catch-and-release fishing allowed) free WiFi and much more.
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Where can I find the official and most up-to-date rules for Hang Glide Chicago?
You may find them in PDF format by clicking the following link:
May I bring a camera and take photos during flight?
Yes, but be sure to at least have a working wrist band in case you lose your grip (we're not responsible for lost or damaged equipment). We also offer an HD video package if you really want to do things right.